Vovedni stranici

  1. The internationalization of the environmental protection and creation of the United Nations environment program, Aleksandar Ivanov, PhD
  2. Creation of model for evaluation and reestablishment of Prespa Region tourist offer, Anastas Djurovski, PhD, Nikolina Ivanova, MA
  3. Definition, classification and recognition of the mobbing in the Republic of Macedonia, Biljana Nechovska Stevkovska, MA, Dragan Gruevski, PhD
  4. Women’s entrepreneurship in the Republic of Macedonia: issues and perspectives, Elizabeta Tosheva, PhD
  5. Resolving of internet domain names disputes using arbitration, Emilija Mateska, PhD
  6. The traffic morale, ethics and culture among the road traffic users, Kire Babanoski, PhD, Ice Ilijevski, PhD, Zlate Dimovski, PhD
  7. Judicial immunity of diplomatic missions as part of the scope of the diplomatic protocol, Ile Masalkovski, PhD, Mirjana Ristovska, PhD
  8. Constitutional Court in Macedonia and the ECHR: Defamation, Marija Milenkovska, PhD
  9. The poverty right for foreigners in the non-contentious proceedings in front of the courts of the Republic of Macedonia, Mirjana Ristovska, PhD
  10. Innovations and financial support in function of improving the competitiveness of SMEs, Monika Angelovska Dichovska, PhD, Meri Boskoska, PhD
  11. Necessity of actualization of the youth entrepreneurship among Roma as possibility for decrease of their unemployment, Monika Markovska, PhD, Bozidar Milenkovski, PhD, Sasho Dodovski, PhD
  12. Constitutional rigidity in the countries with consociational democratic approach – a comparative perspective, Nikola Ambarkov, PhD
  13. Livability of social state in the 21st century – conditions, opportunities, perspectives, Nikola Tuntevski, PhD
  14. Translating culture, Silvana Neshovska, PhD, Sonja Kitanovska-Kimovska, PhD
  15. Comparative overview of the regulation of concentrations in the United States-European Union-Republic of Macedonia, Sasha Dukoski, PhD, Svetlana Veljanovska, PhD, Marija Dukoska, MA
  16. Reforms in the institutions that are supporting the court in the realization of its right creation function, Svetlana Veljanovska, PhD, Sasha Dukoski, PhD
  17. Financial implications of the fees on the municipalities’ own budget revenues (Analysis of the temporary residence fee on the example of the Ohrid Municipality), Vera Karadjova, PhD, Snezhana Dichevska, PhD
  18. Analyzing of Macedonian translational equivalents of “in-house security”, Vesna Trajkovska, PhD, Saše Gerasimoski, PhD
  19. Periods of contemporary language policy in France regarding the French language, Zoran Nikolovski, PhD
  20. Electronic evidence and its significance in investigations, Svetlana Nikoloska, PhD, Maria Gjosheva, PhD