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Student Attorney

The students’ attorney is established for the purpose of protecting the rights of the students.

The students’ attorney protects the legal rights of the students as well as the rights established by the University acts. It helps the students when their rights are being broken by the University or a University member, and other persons involved in the teaching-scientific process.

The students’ attorney work is conducted in accordance with the Law, the Statute of the University and the Rule book referring to its work.

The students’ attorney has many substitutes whose number is established by the Statute of the Students’ Parliament.

The students’ attorney can act according the petition of only one student, group of students or the Students’ Parliament of different University units.

Within the framework of its authorities during the procedure the students’ attorney is capable:

  1. to ask necessary explanations and additional information from the organs of the units;
  2. to have direct comprehension in the functioning of the units’ organs, as well as in the work of separate teaching-researching workers, teachers and associates;
  3. to ask for an opinion from other institutions;
  4. to ask the organs and the people involved in the teaching-educational process to remove the inconveniences which caused the damaging of students’ rights.

The University units are obliged to inform the students’ attorney about the undertaken measures in favor to remove the damage of rights.

After the students’ attorney completes the procedure, he sends a report to the one who submits the petition.

The students’ attorney submits an Annual report to the Students’ Parliament.

The students’ attorney also submits a report to the Senate.