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Horizons - International Scientific Journal (HISJ) is an annual (one issue per year), international, interdisciplinary, open-access, and peer-reviewed journal published by the University St. Kliment Ohridski in Bitola (North Macedonia), which is divided into two sections - A and B.

A Section of the journal publishes articles from social sciences and humanities, while B Section publishes articles from natural sciences and mathematics, engineering and technology, biotechnology, medicine, and health sciences. The journal also encourages the publication of occasional special issues. 

HISJ's first edition was published in 2005. The journal aims to provide an active international forum for analysis, research, and debate in a broad range of fields. There are no article processing or publication fees charged to the authors, and all articles are immediately available on the journal website once published, according to the Diamond Open Access model.

As a publication of the University St. Kliment Ohridski in Bitola, HISJ is committed to upholding high standards of academic integrity and intellectual rigor. The journal is free to access and read, making its research available to a global audience of researchers, scholars, and students. The journal aims to promote interdisciplinary research and foster collaborations among researchers from different fields, leading to new discoveries, innovations, and solutions to complex problems.

The editorial team encourages both established and early-career researchers and doctoral students to take part in this journal to stimulate a greater exchange of ideas and knowledge.

Horizons - International Scientific Journal | HISJ

Published and edited by: University St. Kliment Ohridski in Bitola

First publication: 2005

ISSN: 2955-2303 | Open Access | Language: English | Full-text formats available: PDF

Authors are invited to submit articles to HISJ through the online submission system or by e-mail: horizonti@uklo.edu.mk

The authors are strongly encouraged to read the peer-review policy section, the Article Guidelines, and the Publication Ethics section carefully before preparing an article for submission, as well as to check the article for conformance before submitting it for publication.


CfP: Horizons - International Scientific Journal 2024


Dear colleagues,
Horizons - International Scientific Journal (HISJ) (https://uklo.edu.mk/ojs/index.php/horizons) is an esteemed annual publication that serves as a platform for cutting-edge research across diverse disciplines. Published by the University “St. Kliment Ohridski” - Bitola, North Macedonia (https://uklo.edu.mk), HISJ is committed to fostering international collaboration and advancing knowledge in an open-access format.

Journal Scope: HISJ invites contributions from researchers, scholars, and professionals in various disciplines, including but not limited to:
- Natural Sciences
- Social Sciences and Law
- Humanities
- Engineering
- Medicine and Health Sciences
- Information Technology
- Environmental Studies
- Interdisciplinary Studies

Submission Guidelines: We welcome original research articles, reviews, and critical analyses that contribute to the advancement of knowledge within the scope of the journal. Manuscripts should be prepared according to the journal's guidelines available on the official website: https://uklo.edu.mk/ojs/index.php/horizons/about/submissions

Submission Deadline: 01 September 2024

Peer-Review Process: All submissions will undergo a rigorous peer-review process to ensure the highest standard of quality and relevance. Our expert panel of reviewers will evaluate submissions based on originality, significance, methodology, and overall contribution to the field.

How to Submit: Authors are invited to submit articles to HISJ through the online submission system or by e-mail: horizonti@uklo.edu.mk

Benefits of Publishing with HISJ:
- International visibility and exposure
- Open-access format for global accessibility
- Rigorous peer-review process
- Publication in a reputable journal affiliated with the University “St. Kliment Ohridski” - Bitola (North Macedonia)

Contact Information: For inquiries and further information, please contact the editorial team at horizonti@uklo.edu.mk

We look forward to receiving your valuable contributions and fostering the exchange of knowledge through Horizons - International Scientific Journal.


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