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University symbols

Ss. Kliment Ohridski ”- Bitola has its own coat of arms, flag, rector’s insignia, rector’s toga and ceremonial cloak for the persons who are awarded the title of honorary professor / honorary doctor and the persons who are promoted to doctors of sciences.

The coat of arms of the University symbolizes progress, science, history and literacy and is used on the flag, diplomas, plaques, recognitions of the memoranda and publications of the University. The coat of arms is the work of the academic painter Simeon Siljanovski, former dean of the Faculty of Pedagogy – Bitola.

The flag has a rectangular shape, with a golden-yellow color and contains the coat of arms of the University.

The Rector wears the insignia (gold-plated necklace with symbols for the activities of the University and the emblem in the middle) at the official ceremonies he presides over, as well as at all the ceremonies at which he represents the University.

The President of the Senate and the Vice-Rectors also have their own uniforms, as do the Deans / Directors of the units within the University.

The patron saint’s holiday is December 8, the Day of St. Clement of Ohrid.