1. University quality assurance policy is the basis for improving its functioning and development by strengthening the institutional capacity for successful adaptation to the social needs and proactive response to processes of changes.

    The quality assurance policy is the continuous building, improvement and spreading and cherishing of quality culture, stimulating and developing of positive values in realization of the university activities as well as in wider social environment, by an installed system that applies to all institutional structures, policies, processes, internal and external stakeholders.

    The quality assurance policy is reflected in the strategic plans and objectives and it is being implemented in various fields of institutional working, in accordance with the and national and international standards and quality directions which need to be complement to each other.

    The main objective of the quality assurance system is to achieve the highest quality level of the higher educational, scientific research, artistic and applicative activities, as well as professional and administrative work of the University and its units.

    The basic prerequisite for the fulfillment of the system objective is critical observation of the existing conditions of the University, as well as the promotion of quality culture in all of the University working areas.

    The purpose of the University quality assurance system is to establish principles, criteria, procedures, actions and methods for quality assurance, in line with the provisions of the national and international legal acts.

    The standards and guidelines for quality assurance of higher education, adopted by the European institutions and other organizations and associations, responsible for their establishing and application, as well as the guidelines for evaluation of higher education in European area, are the basic principles of the system.