About the Journal

New Horizons - Journal of Student Research (NHJSR) is a globally recognized international platform that embraces the spirit of innovation and collaboration. As an open-access and faculty-reviewed journal, NHJSR is proudly published by the esteemed University St. Kliment Ohridski in Bitola, North Macedonia. Dedicated to the swift dissemination of current student research, NHJSR offers an inclusive space for scholars worldwide.

Our journal actively seeks papers that are not only groundbreaking but also integrative, fostering a cross-disciplinary dialogue that transcends traditional boundaries. NHJSR is committed to making valuable contributions to academia accessible to a wide audience.

NHJSR welcomes a broad spectrum of content, ranging from applied research with real-world implications to theoretical explorations that push the boundaries of knowledge. In our pursuit of excellence, we invite submissions on all topics, creating a diverse and dynamic tapestry of student research.

As an international journal, NHJSR serves as a hub for student researchers from different corners of the world, providing a platform for the exchange of ideas that transcend geographical and cultural boundaries. We take pride in our commitment to open access, ensuring that the wealth of knowledge generated by student researchers is readily available to the global community.

Join us in exploring the vast landscape of student research, where new horizons are constantly being discovered, and boundaries are continually pushed. NHJSR is not just a journal; it is a collaborative journey into the frontiers of knowledge, guided by the passion and intellect of the next generation of scholars.