Erasmus Higher Education Charter

Incoming  Students for studies

As an exchange student, you will find a warm welcome at UKLO. By pursuing your exchange studies at UKLO you will be given an opportunity of becoming part of our academic community, in a friendly environment, in a place of your personal choice.  The students here will not only be admitted to the professional and academic environment but they will also be welcomed by the open and hospitable atmosphere of the University.

With about 5500 students, registered at a variety of study programmes offered at one of the 11 University units, UKLO is the second oldest and most important HEI in the SW region of the Republic of North Macedonia. Its academic offer is mainly in Macedonian language, but there are also courses taught in English, and a unique opportunity of mentorship for incoming exchange students – particular engagement of our academics-tutors who provide teaching materials, consultation hours and examination in English.


To apply for an exchange semester/year at UKLO:

  • Contact your own department or International Relations Office at your home university and find out whether your department or university has an exchange agreement with UKLO
  • Based on the above, get nominated by your department/university/IRO, by email, to our IRO (, and, IR Officer), having in mind the following requirements:
  1. name and family name
  2. department and study programme
  3. type of mobility (studies/traineeship)
  4. your field and level of study
  5. period of mobility

* Please respect the nomination deadlines for our University

June 1 – autumn/winter semester/whole academic year

November 30 – spring/summer semester

  • Once nominated, our IRO will get back to you and will continue correspondence directly with you, including the corresponding coordinators and administrators at both institutions (sometimes it may take a couple of weeks before you receive the feedback in order to provide the best possible reply and following a communication with our corresponding department (list of departmental coordinators). The official Acceptance Letter, and all the relevant info, are always attached to the confirmation email, in line with the request for sending the application package:

APPLICATION DOCUMENTS (in English and sent via email communication to the IRO staff)

  • Application form
  • Copy of passport
  • CV Europass Format
  • Transcript of records
  • Preliminary Learning Agreement

Incoming students for traineeship

UKLO can serve as a host organization for student traineeships.

If you have found a field you are interested in and feel you can gain valuable experience by doing traineeship based on an inter-institutional agreement with UKLO, please communicate this via an email with the UKLO IRO and please be as specific as possible about the kind of traineeship you are interested in. It will help us to direct you to the right unit (list of departmental coordinators).

Getting a traineeship place depends on several factors, such as the availability of a supervisor, suitability of your field of studies and the planned time of your traineeship.

International Students Guide

ERASMUS info brochure

Once you have arrived

1. Check in with the IRO of UKLO (map) and meet the staff

2. Meet the Institutional E+ Coordinator

3. Meet the departmental coordinator

4. Get the timetable

Good luck with lectures and obligations in and out of classroom!

During your stay

NB: Students granted scholarship for the autumn semester, should there be possibilities for extending the Learning Agreement and should the funds at the student’s sending institution permit, can apply for a prolongation of the study period. The prolongation is negotiated in close cooperation between the student, the departmental coordinators of both institutions and the IRO. Students on exchange during the spring semester cannot prolong their stay for an additional semester.

Before leaving

1. Get your Certificate of Stay from UKLO IRO

2. Complete your exams and other tasks related to the course you have taken

3. Get your After the Mobility Section of Learning Agreement filled in and have it signed and stamped

4. Sign out from your temporary residence (Ministry of Interior –

5. Shop for souvenirs

6. Make sure you have no obligations as a tenant

7. Travel safely home and expect your Transcript of Records!

Incoming staff mobility

Just like students, staff from UKLO partner universities (both from programme and partner countries) can participate in mobility schemes within ERASMUS+, based exclusively on signed inter-institutional agreements.

If a staff member, academic or administrative, is interested in mobility to UKLO, but his/her home institution does not have a signed agreement with UKLO, there is an opportunity for initiating and signing it prior to the actual time of realization of mobility. It only takes an email to the central International Relations Office of UKLO and, (IR Officer), or to the respective departmental E+ coordinator (list of departmental coordinators).


– Application form

– Passport copy

– CV Europass format

– Staff Mobility Agreement (teaching/training)

UKLO IRO is pleased to prepare a Letter of Invitation, upon request, and, of course, to confirm the stay of academic and administrative staff by issuing a Certificate of Stay once the mobility is complete.

Thank you for selecting UKLO to be your E+ destination!

IRO contact:


Do you have language requirements for exchange students?
– Yes, exchange students have to take the online language support test (OLS) prior to their arrival.

Do I have to send the application documents by post?
No, you do not have to send your application documents by post, only the scanned versions are required at first. You can bring the originals with you, at a later stage, upon your arrival.


Possibility for a place in students dormitory? 
In the course of the email exchange with us, please notify whether you would like to apply for a place in the dormitory. If places are available in the dormitories, then a housing offer will be sent to you by e-mail. There is a limited number of places at the University dormitories and unfortunately a place cannot be offered to all exchange students. 

Information about renting an apartment in Bitola/Ohrid/Prilep/Skopje?
UKLO IRO offers assistance with finding private accommodation.


Where can I find information about courses?

Please find information about courses offered at UKLO and about the ones offered in English at Also, info about available courses can be found here. If you have any questions about the courses, please contact the Departmental Erasmus Coordinator of the respective unit (list of departmental coordinators)

Who will sign my learning agreement and changes to the learning agreement?  

Your initial Learning Agreement, as well as any subsequent changes to it will be first approved, and then signed, on the UKLO side as a receiving institution, by the Departmental and the Institutional Coordinators. The same goes for the After the Mobility section.

When to expect my Transcript of Records and other documents related to the end of mobility?

After the mobility, and prior to your departure, the IRO will issue a Certificate of Stay, confirming your stay, whereas the corresponding department prepares the Transcript of Records (in English). As provisioned in the inter-institutional agreement, sometimes it can take up to 6 weeks to issue the final ToR for students, depending on the exam terms.


What is the Erasmus code of UKLO? 



When do I start the application procedure?

Right after receiving the confirmation email, you are requested to consult the nearest embassy of the Republic of North Macedonia in your country (detailed diplomatic network available at: and apply for a temporary ID to be issued at your arrival in the Republic of North  Macedonia. The detailed list of required documents can be found at the corresponding office and in support of your E+ exchange student status, also the UKLO IRO issues confirmation that needs to be submitted with the package. Besides, the IRO staff helps with the procedure once you arrive and guides you through the process taking place in the Republic of North Macedonia (Ministry of Interior –


Where do I obtain my insurance card?

Every incoming student is expected to have completed the issuance of insurance card in his/her home country, prior to his/her arrival.

International Students Guide

ERASMUS info brochure