The future begins in the past…

The preserved values of the rich cultural history and their existence as an eternal inheritance of our predecessors, as values embedded in Macedonian insubordination through turbulent historical events, remain to be a constant challenge for the present and the future. They are represented trough long -time aspiration of our people for its own assertion and competition with all cultural nations whose development bottom line is the civilized humanism.

The foundation of the second Macedonian University and its 30 years long development represents an important circle in the chain of achievements in the educational, scientific and cultural architecture in the contemporary Macedonian society.

The act of the formal establishment of the “St Kliment Ohridski” University – Bitola, on the 25th
April 1979 is result of a longer process, during which the historical tradition is the initial basis for the further cultural and scientific progress.

Aware of the rich historical past, which comprises the universal significance of St. Kliment and his educational mission, which overpasses our boundaries, an initiative was raised for the second Macedonian University to be named after him.
The realization of this commonly accepted proposal reached its end on 8th December 1994 when the University of Bitola started to celebrate the day of St Kliment in honor of his patron.

The realization of the defined mission of the second Macedonian Alma Mater, its aims and tasks during these three decades of the existence are conditioned by the historical as well as the ambient and social circumstances.

The developing dimension of the three bigger cities in the southwestern region: Bitola, Prilep  and Ohrid, their embedded cultural tradition, expressed through materialized and spiritual heritage of numerous icon painters, wood or silver carvers, reformists and also the natural treasures, commercial complexes, cultural and education network encouraged the relevant factors to make a decision for establishing University with a seat in Bitola.

The regional character of the University represented a new quality in the efforts for improving higher education, thus realizing the social role of an integrating factor of regional interest.
The founding assembly was held on 25th April 1979 in Bitola.Established in the period of self-managing socialism; A Self-Managing Agreement for joining into University of Bitola was signed by six higher education institutions and two research institutes, namely:

  • Faculty of Economics – Prilep
  • Faculty of Law – Bitola
  • Faculty of Technical Sciences – Bitola
  • Faculty of Tourism and Catering – Ohrid
  • Agricultural Higher School – Bitola
  • Tobacco Institute – Prilep
  • Hydro biological Institute – Ohrid

Higher education and research institutions joined in the University in Bitola continued the already started activity, presenting at the same time its future developing vision. In the course of time and in accordance with the interest and development the following institutions joined the University:

  • Institute for Old Slav Culture – Prilep (1985)
  • National and University Library “St.Kliment Ohridski” – Biota (1980)
  • Student Center “Koch Racin”-Bitola (1981)
  • Higher Medical School -Bitola (1988)
  • Police Academy -Skopje  ( 2004)

Today, the developing concept of the “St Kliment Ohridski” University – Bitola (UKLO) clearly and undoubtedly confirms its significance as an autonomous higher education and scientific institution, determined to orient its further development towards the mutual European Higher Education Area (EHEA).