The Hydrobiological Institute is one of the oldest scientific institutions, established as far back as 1935 as the only scientific institution of its kind in the wider Balkan area. With the establishment of the University of Bitola in 1979, it became a signatory to the Association Agreement in the University.
The organizational structure of this public scientific institution includes laboratories, common services and a library. The basic activity, biological disciplines, take place in several laboratories: for microbiology, for phytoplankton, for zooplankton, for cyprinids, for  bottom fauna, a laboratory for practical fisheries with a hatchery, for hydrobotany, for water chemistry, for parasitology, for molecular biology.


  • St. “Naum Ohridski” no. 50, Ohrid
  • Phone: + 389 (0) 46 231 050
  • Fax: + 389 (0) 46 262 910
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