Horisons A 2020 – title pages

  1. The awakening of the giant: the Chinese civilization-state and its global ambition, Goran Ilik
  2. Financial incentives and support mechanisms for social enterprises in Western Balkans, Elizabeta Tosheva
  3. Safety risk assessment of terrorist attacs within planning in private sector, Ice Ilijevski, Kire Babanoski, Zlate Dimovski
  4. Customer relationship management (CRM) – How to build strong online relationship with the customers, Monika Angeloska-Dichovska, Marjan Angeleski
  5. Modern tourist trends-key tool for development and progress of tourist business, Jasmina Risteska
  6. The criminal act kidnapping in the Macedonian and Serbian criminal legislation and critical overview, Katerina Krstevska Savovska
  7. Contemporary methods and approaches for tourist valorization, Michael Risteski
  8. Constitutional judiciary and judicial review in the Balkan consociational democracies – a comparative analysis of Macedonian with Bosnian experience, Nikola Ambarkov
  9. The discourse of motherhood and mother-daughter relationship in the novel One true Thing by Anna Quindlen, Elena Kitanovska-Ristoska
  10. The quest for unity owning or sharing the traditions of the classical world, Ljuben Tevdovski, Ile Masalkovski
  11. National security of the Republic of Serbia, Tatjana Gerginova
  12. Shaping the future of FINITECH: from a perspective of central banks, Andrej Ilievski
  13. Feyerabend’s irrationalist approach towards explaining scientific progress, Danka Joveva
  14. Positive parenting as an important factor for raising happy children, Rozeta Paskalieva