Horisons A 2020 – title pages

  1. Analysis of potentials and attractions for the development of cultural tourism in the South-West Planning Region of the Republic of N. Macedonia Michael Risteski, Sasho Korunovski, Jordan Kocevski
  2. The relationship between the position in the management hierarchy and differences in tourism managers’beliefs and attitudes about climate change and tourism Aleksandar Racz
  3. Ecological awareness of the managers in tourism accommodation facilities about the anthropogenic cause of the climate change and the casual influence of tourism on climate change Aleksandar Racz
  4. The relationship between household consumption and activities of tourism in RN Macedonia Risto Gogoski
  5. Residents’ perception on tourism impact factors: a study of Ohrid, North Macedonia, Biljana Petrevska, Tanja Mihalič, Cvetko Andreeski
  6. Destination development: enhancing small tourism firms competitiveness,Branko Nikolovski
  7. Regional analysis of car insurance in Montenegro using deep learning methods Vladimir Kašćelan, Ljiljana Kašćelan, Milijana Novović Burić
  8. Direct claims settlement as an example od innovations in motor insurance in Poland Piotr Manikowski, Konrad Owsiński
  9. Insurance strategy for managing professional liability risk, Vera Karadjova Svetlana Razmoska
  10. Financial technology – opportunities and risks of selected key solutions, Andrej Ilievski, Evica Delova – Jolevska
  11. The education and market paradox of the insurance staff  Nadezda Kirilova, Alexander Tsyganov
  12. Is artificial intelligence the new Titanic Desislav Danov
  13. Factors that influence the turnover of employees in tourism sector in Bulgaria Valeria Vitanova
  14. Adventure as potential for enriched tourist offer in Pelagonija Region Ivanka Nestoroska
  15. Effective deposit insurance system for small country with concentrated banking system – with special emphasis on deposit insurance fund of the Republic of North Macedonia , Evica Delova Jolevska, Ilija Andovski, Snezana Dicevska
  16. Empirical analysis of profitability, non performing loans and operational efficiency in Macedonian Banking system Ljube Jolevski, Snezana Dicevska
  17. Determining the generic strategies of business competitors Emil K. Papazov, Lyudmila M. Mihaylova
  18. The investments sectoral structure as a factor for development acceleration Vera Karadjova
  19. Representing voices in tourism – cross-cultural analyses Irina Petrovska
  20. Legislation for mountain trails and paths as a factor for development of mountaineering tourism in Macedonia, Risto Reckoski
  21. Identity as a strategy for affirmation of the tourist product of Prespa, Lidija Simončeska, Toni Cvetanoski
  22. Understanding and teaching Gen Z in Higher education, Elena Cickovska
  23. Defining cuisine and types of cuisine , Jordan Kocevski, Michael Risteski