UKLO Rector, Prof. Dr Sc. Igor Nedelkovski participated at the Conference of the national stakeholders of the education and science systems in the framework of the Berlin Process for the Western Balkans, which was held at the Academy of Sciences of Albania in Tirana, 18-20/09/2023, as this year Albania holds the Rotating Presidency of the Berlin Process.

Launched in 2014, the Berlin Process is an intergovernmental initiative supporting the integration of WB countries into the EU and fostering regional cooperation in SEE. It represents a collaborative effort involving 16 European nations and the European Commission. Since 2015, the Berlin Process has entailed a dedicated chapter addressing science, education, research, innovation, technology transfer, which is coordinated by the German National Academy of Sciences Leopoldina.

The 2023 Conference focused on three key themes:

  1. Assessing progress of Balkan and SEE higher education, research and innovation communities towards integration in EU frameworks,
  2. Creating excellence in the Balkans through wise instruments and alliances, and
  3. Developing customized mobility schemes for students, researchers and professionals, including (re-)connecting the academic diasporas to their countries of origin.